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Badminton Report 2012

Last year Badminton at WBHS has been exceptionally strong.We entered 3 teams who preformed way and beyond our wildest dreams. Across the 3 teams that we fielded we had 6 KZN Reps (U15 -U19). In addition to that we had 5 boys from our school who represented the KZN Senior men’s team. We also had 2 boys captaining KZN sides.

The following boys made representative sides:

Wayde Finch KZN Senior men’s A
Carl Kruger KZN Senior men’s A
Kyle Pierpoint KZN Senior men’s A
Michael Field KZN Senior men’s B
Keagan Quilling KZN Senior men’s B
Wayde Finch KZN U19 A (Captain of WBHS 1st team)
Michael Field KZN U19 A
Kyle Pierpoint KZN U19 A
Keagan Quilling KZN U17 A (C)
Pranah Parasadh KZN U17 D (C)
Dylan Robertson KZN U17 D

During the interschool badminton season we accounted for GlenwoodD,DHS,Northwood,Hillcrest,Kingsway, Kuswag,Thomas More,George Campbell and New Forest only dropping one game to Kuswag with our 3rd side made up of grade 8s.

The league results speak for themselves:

First Team League WBHS — First Position
Second Team League WBHS— First Position WBHS Third Team — Second

Carolyn van Rooyen

Sport Results

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April – Week 1

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