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Hockey Report 2014

The 2014 Hockey season was without any doubt the most successful year in the school’s history of the sport. Westville were able to field 13 Teams every weekend.

As a hockey fraternity, Westville won over 75% of their hockey matches against some of the biggest names in school boy hockey in South Africa including schools such as Kearsney, Northwood, SACS, Clifton, DHS, KES and Pretoria Boys to name just a few. Highlight of the season for the 1st lights.

The 1st Team had impressive wins against Pretoria Boys 2-1, DHS 6-1, Northwood 2-0, Clifton 4-0, Glenwood 4-0, KES (JHB) 8-1, SACS 6-0, St Stithians(JHB) 2-1 and St Benedicts (JHB) 8-1. This year saw a record amount of wins and goals for, 23 wins from 25 games with 102 goals scored, conceding only 21 goals against. Well done to Sharmin Naidoo, Craig Currin and Jonathan Basson for all their hard work that they put into the open age group, which paid dividends in the end as the First XI reached an all time high, NUMBER 1 Hockey Team in South Africa. Beating local rivals, College, Glenwood, Hilton and Kearsney who all placed in the Top 10 National rankings.

The U16A team was unbeaten in their domestic season having good wins against College 1-0, Hilton 3-0, KES 1-0, Northwood 3-1, Clifton 4-0 and DHS 6-0 as well as having brilliant wins at the annual Rondebosch festival against SACS 15-0 and Paul Roos 3-2. Congratulations to AGC and u16A head coach Ramon Rademeyer as well as the rest of the coaches involved for a very successful season throughout.

The U14A team had a successful hockey season. They came into the school as fresh new players and had a brand new coach to the school, Cameron Mackay who took up the challenge of introducing the boys to high school hockey. He did tremendously well with the team along with his assistant coach Tim Spence to develop the boys into great hockey players through lots of hard work on and off the turf. The u14A’s played 20 matches, won 15, lost 3 and drew 2. The team had good wins against Bishops 3-1,  Northwood 3-1, Kearsney 3-2 and St Stithians 3-1 to name just a few. Congrats to Cameron Mackay, Tim Spence and the other u14 coaches in doing a great job.

These positive results saw 24 Westville Boys gaining KZN representative colours.

National representative hockey colours was again awarded to Jacques Bleeker who attended the Junior Olympic qualifier which was held earlier in the year which they won and so have qualified to attend the upcoming Junior Olympics. National colours also went to Brandon Watkins and Gareth Simmonds who were chosen for the SA U18B team. In the SA U16A team, Westville is represented by Matthew Davies and Mbuso Mgobozi. Very well done to these top quality boys.

1st Team matric players with more than 50 Caps: Jacques Bleeker and James Cumming, players with over 40 caps: Brandon Watkins, Lwando Saunders, Jason Ward, Bruce kerr and Gareth Simmonds.


2014 KZN Reps

KZN u18a

Jacques Bleeker

Brandon Watkins

Lwando Saunders

Gareth Simmonds

Tristan Smith

KZN u18b

Ryan Bradfield

KZN u18 Impis

James Cumming

Jason Ward

Bruce Kerr

KZN u16a

Matthew Davies

Mbuso Mgobozi

Lethu Thomo

Keagan Da Castro

Max Teversham

KZN u16b

Chad Carney

Ryan Harburn

Keagan Moxey

KZN u16 Warriors

Keagan Gibbon

Keagan Fourie

KZN u14a

Caleb Carney

Thomas Earle

Hastin Naidoo

KZN u14b

Haydan Bowman

Cameron Whittington

2014 SA REPS


Jacques Bleeker


Gareth Simmonds

Brandon Watkins


Matthew Davies

Mbuso Mgobozi



Sport Results

June – Week 3

Rugby results Kearsney at Westville: Westville scores first 1st 27-17 Win 2nd 7-10 Loss 3rd 36-12 Loss 4th 36-5 Win 5th 7-9 Win 6th 58-8 Win 7th 56-5 Win 16a 27-0 Win 16b 37-18 Win 16c 7-19 Loss 15a 10-13 Loss 15b 17-10 Win 15d vs Kearsney 15c 12-17 Loss 15e vs Kearsney 15d 31-31 […]


June – Week 2

Rugby vs College at College: 1st 15-50 L 2nd 14-22 L 3rd 21-24 L 4th 10-16 L 5th 5-22 L 6th 0-60 L 7th 12-38 L 16a 17-24 L 16b 5-37 L 16c 7-29 L 16d 5-53 L 15a 5-19 L 15b 5-22 L 15c 0-55 L 15d 5-22 L 15e 10-10 D 14a 0-3 […]


June – Week 1

Rugby results vs DHS at DHS: 1st 25-24 Win 2nd 35-19 Win 4th vs 3rd DHS 33-12 Win 6th vs 4th DHS 49-0 Win 16a 10-0 Win 16b 53-0 Win 16d vs 16c DHS 17-5 Win 15a 26-8 Win 15c vs 15b DHS 29-19 Win 15d vs 15c DHS 37-12 Win 14a 41-5 Win 14c […]


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