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Last years Athletics season saw some very talented Athletes join the team as well as the committed athletes from last year. The matric athletes were only affected one weekend out of the fixtures due to trials which meant they could be committed for almost the entire season.

Inter-House Athletics Champs 20/07/2012
The annual Inter-House Champs took place at Kingspark on a clear morning. We saw two records broken, one by Duncan McGladdery for Javelin and the other by Zane Weir for Shot Put, as well as some other outstanding results throughout.
Trophy winners on the day:
Page Wright Trophy for U/14 80m Hurdles Liam Ducker
Lea Trophy for Best Jumping Performance Shane Ball
Graham Trophy for U/14 Outstanding Athlete Ntobeka Mthembu
Sheldon Scott Memorial Trophy for U/15 -800m Nuzo Dludla
Rudder Trophy for U/16 800m Brad Smith
Phillips Trophy for U/16 1500m Tyler Cheall
Leonard Trophy for U/17 Hurdles Keagan Paverd
Payne Family Trophy for U/17 800m Phumelele Msane
W.B.H.S Trophy for U/17 Outstanding Athlete Keagan Paverd
Murdoch Trophy for Best Running Performance Msizi Zondi
Gower Jackson Trophy for U/15 High Jump Louis Gey Van Pitius
Payne Brothers Trophy for U/15 Outstanding Athlete Kevin Smit
Walker Trophy for U/16 Outstanding Athlete Shane Ball
Charnaud Trophy for Junior Victor Ludorum Shane Ball
Wilkinson Trophy for Senior Victor Ludorum Duncan McGladdery
Kirby Trophy for Winning House Carr

Our first quadrangular was hosted by St Charles College – 30/07/2012
The event took place in glorious weather, cold to start off the morning but as the day went on it started to heat up. The following boys medaled in their events.
U14 – J. Sharp 2nd in Shot put, M. Barnard 3rd in Shot Put, P. Smuts 2nd in 800m and 1st in 1500m
U15 – T. Lesuthu 1st in Long Jump and 100m, M. Campbell 2nd in 800m, T. Kitching 2nd in 1500m
U16 – J. Littler 3rd in 100m, M. Crinall 3rd in 400m
Open – D. McGladdery 1st in 400m 2nd in High Jump, Z. Weir 1st in Shot Put, K. Paverd 3rd in 100m, N. Parmee 3rd in 1500m

Quadrangular at Hilton – 11/08/2012
As we arrived at Hilton you could see the snow on the mountain tops from the previous weeks snow fall. Z. Weir won best throw of the meeting.
U14 – P. Smuts 1st in 800m, Liam Ducker 3rd in 1500m & Javelin, K. Osborn 3rd in 400m, A. Ndabezitha 3rd in 100m
U15 – M. Van Maasdyk 1st in 800m, T. Kitching 3rd in 1500m
U16 – J. Ducker 3rd in Javelin
Open – Duncan McGladdery 1st in Javelin & 400m 2nd in 100m & High Jump 3rd in 200m & Shot Put, K. Paverd 3rd in 100m, K. Bhengu 3rd in 1500m, N. Parmee 2nd in 1500m, Z. Weir 1st in Shot Put (NR)

Michaelhouse Coed Event – 18/08/2012
The competition had grown since 2011 and as usual the boys were keen to see the girl’s schools in action as well as see if they could break some records from the previous year. Z. Weir won best throw of the meeting second year in a row.
U15 – K. Smit 1st in Discus 3rd in Shot Put, T. Lesuthu 1st in 100m & Long Jump, M. Van Maasdyk 2nd in 800m,
U17 – Z. Weir 1st in shot Put, Y. Chetty 2 in 100m & 200m
Open – Duncan McGladdery 1st in High Jump & Javelin 2nd in 100m

Quadrangular hosted by Northwood at Kings Park – 30/08/2012
Northwood hosted this event on a Thursday afternoon evening; the event was run very well and finished early. Our boys performed to the best of their abilities the results were as follows.
U15 – T. Lesuthu 1st in Long Jump & 100m, L. Gey Van Pitius 2nd in Triple Jump, D. Lee 3rd in Shot Put, M. Van Maasdyk 1st in 800m
U17 – W. Smith 3rd in High Jump & 800m, S. Ball 3rd in Long Jump, Z. Weir 1st in Shot Put (NR), K. Paverd 1st in 100m & 200m
Open – Y. Chetty 1st in 200m, K. Bhengu 2nd in 800m, N. Parmee 1st in 1500m

Sydney Atkinson Championship 08/09/2012
We went into the Sydney Atkinson Championship with a weakened team, having boys injured, sick and matrics busy with exams. We finished 7 out of 8
U15 – T. Lesuthu 1st in 100m (NR)
U17 – Z. Weir 1st in Shot Put (NR), Y. Chetty 2nd in 200m, K. Paverd 3rd in 100m

The coaching staff would commend the following boys on their awards that were received.
Honours – Duncan McGladdery, Zane Weir Re Award & Keegan Paverd Reaward
Half Colours – Yorrick Chetty
Team Award – Nicholas Parmee, Khetokhule Bhengu & Phumelele Msane

KZN Representatives
Keegan Paverd
Itumeleng Lesuthu

SA Representatives
Zane Weir

The coaching staff would like to commend all the boys who participated in Athletics this year, there was a good team spirit as well as good bonding between the boys, we have set the standards high at Hilton and Michaelhouse, we hope to keep it the same next year and improve on our performances in the Sydney Atkinson and Norhwood meeting, if there are any new meetings we would love to make a name for ourselves there as well.

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