- Headmaster -

Mr Trevor Hall is the current Headmaster of Westville Boys’ High School. He was appointed to this position officially from the start of the second quarter of 1998, after serving for a while as the Acting Headmaster.┬áMr Hall is the first Westville Old Boy to be appointed Headmaster. He attended the School from 1968 to 1972. After having successfully studied for an M.Com, Dip.Acc, and HDE, he accepted a teaching post at WBHS in 1980. He became an HOD in 1987 and a Deputy Headmaster in 1992.

Mr Hall has played a leading role in education through his appointment as national moderator for Accounting and member as the national training team for development of the new curriculum.

Mr Hall’s vision has always focused on producing and moulding the typical all-round “Westville Boy” – that is, a boy who has benefited from the all-round educational approach offered by the School.