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Marno Langeveldt Surfing 02 WBHS

Westville Boys’ High School is traditionally one of the strongest schools in KZN surfing. We have a proud record of producing competitive surfing teams.

Surfing as a school sport happens in the second term, and the members our two teams can be found practicing at Dairy Beach each Friday afternoon during the surf season.

WBHS has longstanding surfing rivalries with DHS, Northwood and Glenwood, and in more recent times with Clifton, Crawford La Lucia, Crawford Durban North and Amanzimtoti.

WBHS competes in the KZN Schools Surfing League. This competition is run on a tag team format. Each team consists of 5 surfers and 1 judge. In competition the team has 45 minutes for all team members to complete the minimum requirements. Each surfer paddles out and catches 2 waves. These scores are added together to achieve a team total. A panel of 3 judges score the waves on a scale 1 – 10 and points are deducted for the team not completing the required amount of waves in the allotted time. Things get really exciting, especially towards the end of a 45 minute period when time is running short. There is a lot of shouting and indicating from the team members on the beach to the remaining surfer in the water.

All the teams have an opportunity to surf against one another during the term culminating in the finals during the July school holidays where the league winners are announced.

An interhouse surfing compeition is usually run in the fourth term. It allows a greater number of surfers to participate, and is a good opportunity for new surfing talent in the School to be identified.

A number of WBHS Old Boys have gone on to surf competitively. Among them Pierre Tostee, is arguably our most famous old boy surfer. He competed in the World Pro Tour from 1986 to 1989, and won SA colours for surfing. He is now a prominent surfing photographer, and writes a regular column for the Daily News. Other Old Boys who have won SA colours include Dale Bamford, Wesley Hall and Justin Saunders.

Surfing is one of those unique sports that can be enjoyed by participants late into life. Many friendships made by surfers at WBHS last for many for decades after school.


Dale Bamford

Wesley Hall

Justin Saunders

Pierre Tostee

Marno Langeveldt Surfing WBHS

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