In an unprecedented weekend, Westville won every fixture against DHS, both on the rugby field, and on the astro turf. What made the hockey scores remarkable was that Westville scored 39 unanswered goals in the 5 matches, with the 1st team trouncing their Durban rivals 9-0.

The 1st team rugby halted the DHS winning streak, which saw them beating Michaelhouse, Clifton, Kearsney, Maritzburg College and Glenwood in as many weeks.

In a highly entertaining and closely contested match, Westville scored early with a brilliant try by left wing Habana Mkwanazi, followed by a difficult conversion by Dylan Coombe. DHS answered with their own try and the game saw one-score separating the teams throughout. With minutes to go, Westville were trailing by 7 points, when right wing, Jono Reynecke went on an explosive run,  scoring an unconverted try in the left corner. From the kick-off, Westville immediately went on the attack, and from the ensuing play, were awarded a penalty. Dylan Coombe held his nerve in injury time and converted the penalty, to win 25-24.

Scrum half, Dylan Coombe, kicks a penalty to beat DHS 25-24.

To round off an incredible weekend of sport, Westville also enjoyed a clean-sweep in their filler fixtures against Glenwood, Ashton College, Hilton College, Northwood, Curro, Kingsway, Pinetown and Kingsway, with tennis, squash and badminton winning all their matches, and the volleyball teams narrowly lost 1 match. The overall stats of the weekend read; 47 fixtures played (across 6 sporting disciplines), Westville won 45, drew 1, and lost 1.

Rugby vs DHS:

1st       Westville 25    DHS 24

2nd      Westville 35    DHS 19

4th       Westville 33    DHS (3rd) 12

6th       Westville 49    DHS (4th) 0

16a      Westville 10    DHS 0

16b      Westville 53    DHS 0

16d      Westville 17    DHS (16c) 5

15a      Westville 26    DHS 8

15c      Westville 29    DHS (15b) 19

15d      Westville 37    DHS (15c) 12

14a      Westville 41    DHS 5

14c      Westville 19    DHS (14b) 10

14e      Westville 52    DHS (14e) 0


Hockey vs DHS:

1st        Westville 9      DHS 0

2nd               Westville 5      DHS 0

3rd        Westville 1      Ashton (1st) 0

4th        Westville 4      Glenwood 1

16A      Westville 10    DHS 0

16B      Westville 10    DHS 0

16D      Westville 4      Glenwood 0

16C      Westville 4      Ashton (16A) 0

16E      Westville 0     Hilton (C) 0

16F      Westville 3      Hilton C 1

14A      Westville 5      DHS 0

14B      Westville 3      Glenwood 0

14C      Westville 4      Glenwood 0

14D      Westville 1      Glenwood 0


Squash results:

1st        Westville 10    Glenwood 6

2nd        Westville 12    Northwood (1st) 0

3rd        Westville 12    Northwood (2nd) 0


Tennis results:

1st        Westville 6      Curro 3

1st        Westville 9      Ashton 0

2nd        Westville 9      DHS 0


Badminton results:

A          Westville 7      Glenwood 0

C          Westville 6      DHS (B) 1

D          Westville 7      DHS (C) 0

F          Westville 6      DHS D 1


Volleyball results:

U14A   Westville 30    Hillary (B) 7

U14A   Westville 30    Westville (C) 6

U14C   Westville 24    New Forest (B) 30

U15A   Westville 30    Westville (B) 20

U15A   Westville 30    Pinetown (A) 15

U15B   Westville 30    Kingsway (A) 27

U16B   Westville 30    Pinetown (A) 7

U19 2nd Westville 30   Pinetown 1st 20

U19 3rd  Westville 30  Glenwood (1st) 23