As part of the WBHS Leadership Programme, the Grade 9 boys embarked on a 3 day hike in the Umkomaas Valley hosted by Roselands Adventure Centre.  230 Grade 9 pupils and 10 brave staff members hiked 40km over 3 days.


The theme on day 1 was “Choices vs Consequence.”  The boys were split into groups of 10 and armed with a map, they needed to reach various landmarks to obtain points. The more points reached, the more reward they would have in the evening. The Day 1 hike was

15km in 34 degree stifling heat,  but with refreshing swims along the route and fantastic team spirit and camaraderie, the hike was completed and the boys ended the day with a fun-filled swim in the river and a self-cooked potjie dinner followed by singing around the campfire.

Day 2 was the grueling uphill 16km hike where their true characters were put to the test! The Roselands leader, Nathan Bam was instrumental in motivating them to stay positive while also making the boys question their own character when they felt fatigued and uncomfortable! All 230 boys felt a sense of accomplishment after day 2 and once they had eaten their dinner, they retired early to bed in their tents, rather exhausted from the physical challenge of the day.

Day 3 dawned early, with the boys waking up to hike the final 10km downhill stretch towards Linwood Primary school.

The learners had been fundraising for the rural school and managed to accumulate R15 000 to pay for the installation of a water pipe that would connect Linwood with their own supply of water from the nearby stream to their Jojo tank.
On arrival at the school, the boys split up into groups and immediately began their various tasks of adding value to the lives of the rural schoolchildren.  Vegetable gardens were dug, a netball court was flattened and cemented and the water pipe was rolled out over 800 meters and connected. Our Westville boys were reminded just how privileged their own lives were and spent 3 hours reading,  playing and singing with the children of Linwood and putting a smile on the faces of the poor community. It was a happy ending to a wonderful 3 days.

A big thank you to the 10 incredible WBHS staff members who connected and interacted so positively with the boys.
Nathan Bam and his team from Roselands can be applauded for his passion and leadership.  They prioritized safety whilst ensuring all the learners crossed the finish line, having learnt valuable life lessons and building character.

The Grade 9’s of 2016 can be justifiably proud of their determination and positive attitudes that made these 3 days truly memorable.