Griffin Leadership Development! 

With control tests and exams nearing an end and the Matric’s writing trials, what better way to spend a few days than testing the bonds of friendship through grit, determination, and teamwork! Our Grade 8 – Grade 11 Leadership camps and activities are always a highlight of your son’s year. With different activities for each grade, learners will have the opportunity to put their strength, agility and problem-solving skills to the test as they navigate and learn group management skills and their own leadership styles.

 For more details, select your son’s grade, and the leadership camp they will be attending.


Grade 8’s are in store for some fun-filled days around campus!

  • Interclass competition where classes compete against each other in a myriad of challenges, obstacles, and brain-buster activities.
  • Students must master the skills of communication, decision making, strength and agility.


Dress Code: Sports kit with comfortable shoes (takkies)

Times: Registration opens at 07h40, with the day concluding at 1pm

Lunch: Pack lunch as usual or bring tuck money for both breaks during the day.


For more info and any questions, please contact our Grade 8 Form Head and our Amazing Race co-ordinator, Mr Jean-Luc Daruty De Grandpre ([email protected]).


To review the Grade 8 confirmation letter, click here


Mental stamina and regular levels of fitness will be needed to pass through this milestone on your #Griffin Journey. A 3-day, 40km round trip hike through the Umko valley. Students will learn to overcome the usual leadership challenges of going beyond their comfort zones, identifying skills within their team to complete tasks, and to courageously keep putting one foot in front of the other.


The camp includes hiking and the activities are designed to develop the necessary group skills in communication, teamwork, perseverance, decision-making and consequences. Day 1 of the Hike focuses on Tangible Consequences (Consequences of your Choices), Day 2 on Personality vs Character and Day 3 on Humility.


On Day 3 of the hike the learners will arrive at Linwood Combined School which is situated in the Richmond Valley. Here they will be involved in adding value to an ongoing outreach programme that has been developed over the last 8 years at the school. This adds a great sense of purpose to their journey, and reinforces some of the altruistic core values of our school that we are aiming to instil in our boys.


Dress code: Hiking appropriate gear. Civies and sports kits suggested, with comfortable walking shoes (Takkies).

Items to pack: Please refer to listed items to pack sent via email.

Bag choice: NO wheel bags or suitcases. This is a hike through a nature reserve and so small backpacks are ideal, with 3 days of clothing.


What you pack you carry! No cars, no sherpa’s, no donkeys.


No cellphones/devices allowed.


For more info and any questions, please contact our Grade 9 Form Head and our Hike co-ordinator, Mrs Nicole Kalicharan ([email protected]).



During the Community Service outreach week, students learn the leadership lessons of Servant Leadership through partnership with selected charities and community projects. Understanding the importance of value creation, ethics, and social foundations, while juggling the needs of your stakeholders and balancing the “leadership-is-followership” dynamics, students give of themselves for the betterment of society.


Dress Code: Sports kit with comfortable shoes (Some activities include painting, landscaping etc.)

Bags: Take backpack for lunch and water bottle/juice


For more info and any questions, please contact our Grade 10 Form Head and our Community Outreach co-ordinator, Mr Ryan Liberty ([email protected]).


Students have pre-registered for their chosen charities and community projects, and placement was determined on a first come, first serve basis. Please click  to download the document with student allocations.


The Grade 11 Leadership Camp is an import event on our yearly calendar. We are excited once again to embark on this camp as it forms an integral part of the leadership selection process


The selection process thus far has been a rigorous one. The Shadow Leaders have:


  • attended presentations where they’ve been exposed to various forms of leadership and training. These presentations have been conducted by Staff and Blue-Tie Leaders;
  • been involved in the day-to-day running of the school, partaking in various duties around the school;
  • had the opportunity to act as Class Mentors to the Grade 8’s, 9’s and 10’s.


This has been a platform for the boys to find, nurture and showcase their leadership potential and we hope that they have grown from the experience.


Following on from this camp, the Blue Tie Leadership Team for 2024 will be selected by the Management Team together with the Leadership Committee and an announcement will be made later this year.


Students will gain:

  1. Essential Leadership qualities such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving.
  2. Personal Growth opportunities to explore their strengths, passions, and values to become the best version of themselves.
  3. Lifelong friendships: Forging lifelong friends with like-minded peers from diverse backgrounds.
  4. Boost confidence and resilience through challenging outdoor activities and workshops.


For more info and any questions, please contact our Head of Leadership, Mr Byron Tucker (tuckb01