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Home-away-from-home experience

Westville Boys’ High School prides itself on a unique boarding experience. Our five modern boarding homes provide a warm, safe and secure setting for our boys. Our focus is to ensure that all our boarders feel that they are living in a “home-away-from-home”.

The Westville experience also offers parents the unique opportunity of allowing their sons to board in close proximity to where they live, unlike most other larger boarding establishments.

This allows boys who opt for weekly boarding to have valuable quality time with their families, and allows parents greater opportunity to support their sons’ extra-curricular activities.

Boarders and boarder masters

Each of our five homes caters for approximately 25-30 boarders with two to three boarder masters. The advantage of small group boarding under close supervision and guidance is preferred by Westville Boys’ High to ensure a nurturing environment.


Our 5 modern houses have the following:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Lounge area
  • Kitchen Area
  • Access to the gym
  • WiFi
  • TV
  • Communal bathrooms
BE nurturing

Sound habits and  inter-personal skills are  fostered in the company of peers and senior boys. Friendships formed in this way help our boys develop a sense of well-being and confidence which larger, more impersonal boarding schools are not always able to achieve.

WBHS’s five Boarding Houses

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