- Cultural/Societies -

Academic and Support

Teacher(s) in Charge: Mrs Julius. Task Team Leaders: M Jhavary

The Academic Support Task Team assists learners after school with bridging and extra tuition in the all the various subjects offered at WBHS. These support lessons take place on various days after school. A teacher and leader are both present guiding the pupils through the work they find difficult. To find out more contact the teacher in charge or the relevant form teacher who can assist where possible.

Art Club

Teacher(s) in Charge: Mr Lichkus. Task Team Leaders: 

The Art Club is open to all, every day after school, and is lead by a teacher or a senior. We offer classes and guidance on request in all the major art forms; painting, drawing, sculpture, computer graphics, design and multi media.


Teacher(s) in Charge: Dr Lombardozzi. Task Team Leader: N Macotywa

The Environmental and Areas Task Team involves itself with matters involving conservation, ecological issues, recycling and awareness. Various projects and campaigns are launched to create awareness about issues both local and international. This task team values the world we live in and strives to create a strong eco-responsibility amongst the boys here at WBHS. One focus this year has been the plight of the Rhinoceros. The environmental task team have teamed up with the school musical “Shake it out”, creating awareness through displaying a Rhino on the hoodies each cast member purchases.


Teacher(s) in Charge: Mr Holder & Mrs Egan. Task Team Leaders: Zane Ford & Kevin Dyre

Westville Boys’ is known for its promotion of a wide variety of artistic and cultural activities. These range from inter-school and inter-house debating, public speaking, house plays, musicals and choir evenings, to the school orchestra.

The Cultural Task Team is in charge of making sure everything in these productions happens as it should, from choreographing to sound setup, scene changes and ushering. We are tasked with many responsibilities ranging from ‘simple’, like being a stagehand, to more technical, like sound engineer, for which we offer basic training.

We often collaborate with WGHS, St. Mary’s and other schools for female actors, dancers, singers and it’s a great way to get to know people and serve the school.

If you are a budding performer, talented musician, gifted singer or simply want to meet new people and make new friends and grow confidence, join the Cultural Task Team.

Interact Club

Teacher(s) in Charge: Mrs Egan. Task Team Leader: S Koovarjee

Interact prides itself on our motto “We care”. We strive to help where ever our assistance is needed. We are actively involved throughout the year with regular visits to orphanages such as Hope House, Streetwise, St Theresa’s, etc. We also collect a variety of foodstuffs, non-perishables, stationery, etc. for the less fortunate. We make sandwiches every Friday morning for Lunch Buddies. We are also involved in the Toy Story project every year and we give back to our own ground staff by means of food hampers at the end of the year.
Importantly – we help where we can!
Information Technology

Teacher(s) in Charge: Rev Miller. Task Team Leader: B Mthethwa

The Information Task Team is a group of boys who assist with the running of the computer facilities at Westville Boys’. They are a dynamic group of boys ranging from grade 8 -12. They meet at breaks and after school to assist with maintenance of the school computers as well as helping with those a little less computer literate. The boys learn valuable skills which can be used later when studying towards a diploma in IT administration. This worthwhile team is highly committed and dedicated and welcomes new members each year.

Media Centre

Teacher(s) in Charge: Mrs Haw. Task Team Leader: T Baldwin

The Media Centre task team assist with basic functions of the library. They meet at breaks to assist the Librarians with the issuing and cataloguing of books and journals. This team is hardworking and diligent and prove most useful in the break time book rush! To get involved speak to Mrs Haw for more information.


Teacher(s) in Charge: Mr Lichkus. Task Team Leaders: 

We meet every Wednesday 2nd break to discuss photos taken during the week. We also meet every Friday during breaks and after school to learn more about photography and to confirm arrangements for the week to come. We exhibit photos around the school (we have 100 display mounts). We try to ‘shoot’ as many events and teams as possible and all photos are posted onto a shared hard drive at school and may be uploaded at no charge.

Public Relations

Teacher(s) in Charge: Ms Bower. Task Team Leaders: A Parker

The Public Relations Task Team, takes parents, old boys and visitors on tours around the school.  They are on duty at all sports fixtures handing out programmes, doing teas for guests and general liaison with the public in and around the school. They are on duty at all school functions, from parents evenings to the school play.

Sport Service

Teacher(s) in Charge: Ms van Rooyen & Mr Pontes. Task Team Leaders: G Smith

The Sport Service and First Aid Teams work hand in hand. The service team include working as timekeepers, scorers, linesmen and water boys. They are present at all sporting fixtures held at the school and provide hours of selfless service.

The First Aid team provide yet another important function. They assist with minor injuries which may occur during sports practices and matches. They are one of the first to come into contact with an injured player. Their extensive training is thus vital. All the First Aiders are certificated and have at least a Level 1 or higher qualification. Staff on duty are also accredited and often complete the courses again to ensure they can provide the best medical attention while waiting on the paramedics.

War Cry and Drumline

Teacher(s) in Charge: Mr Nyar & Mr Brown. Task Team Leaders: S Putini 

The War Cry and Drumline Teams are vital for spirit here at WBHS. The leaders are instrumental in building up spirit at the school ahead of big fixtures throughout the year. The Drumline provide an effective backdrop to the war cries which the school recites. They are an incredible sight to behold and indeed get your spirits racing with their infectious beat and rhythm!