WBHS Director of Sport, Sharmin Naidoo, has accepted a position as Sports Officer at Wits University.

He was offered the position earlier this year, and has decided to move to Wits early next term. His focus sports at Wits will be Hockey and Cricket.

Sharmin started at WBHS in 2010, and was promoted to Director of Sport in 2015. Apart from this demanding role, he has also continued to coach Hockey and Cricket, he has overseen the School’s bus fleet and transport system, and has served as a Senior Boarder Master.

WBHS appreciates the considerable contribution that he has made to the School over the past nine years. His role in the growth of the School’s sporting profile in general, and Cricket and Hockey in particular, has been immense. His influence in instilling self-belief in our players has been integral to the success of our players and teams over the past nine years.  Never afraid of hard work and long hours, his proactive approach to his responsibilities, and his commitment and loyalty are much appreciated by the School.

WBHS wishes Sharmin and his family all the best for the new chapter in their lives.