Nicholas Bamber and Brandon Manley go for the basket in Saturday's match against Glenwood

Nicholas Bamber and Brandon Manley go for the basket in Saturday’s match against Glenwood

After a short tour to Gauteng the previous weekend, Westville was fairly confident that they had a chance of defeating visitors Glenwood last Saturday.

Westville’s Marcelle Barnard, won the opening jump ball and got the team’s domestic season campaign underway. Both teams battled to get any consistency and rushed their offense. This resulted in many turn-overs which frustrated both sides. The first quarter ended 6 – 5 in the home team’s favour. A few substitutions saw the Westville team accumulate 16 points compared to Glenwood’s 10 in the second quarter. Westville’s Aden Joseph and Dylan Weiss took charge of the team’s offense and created a few scoring chances. Glenwood relied mainly on their outside shot but failed to capitalise on their opportunities.

Westville added 11 more points to their total in the third quarter and played well defensively, limiting Glenwood to a mere 4 points. Westville tallied up a few steals and blocks and caught Glenwood on the break on a few occasions. This worked in Westville’s favour as their shooters were not on form and the majority of the points had to come from inside the paint.  Marcelle Barnard was unstoppable on offense and scored with relative ease on occasions. Glenwood gave Westville far too many second and sometimes even third chances under the hoop.

In the final quarter Westville pulled away with the game and defeated Glenwood 45 – 24. Marcelle Barnard was the top scorer with 15 points.

Mention must also be made of all the other Westville Basketball Teams as they went undefeated on the day against Glenwood.