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WBHS pupils selected for SA High Performance Hockey Squad

Ethan Matkovich (Left) (Grade 9) Josh Davies (Right) (Grade 10) and have both been selected for the SA U16 High Performance Squad for 2017 after the National U16 Boys Hockey Tournament were they represented KZN. They are both currently at a National Hockey Camp in Pretoria.


WBHS pupil, David Weber impresses at the WLSA Conference

David Weber (Grade 11) was invited to deliver the ‘Student Spotlight’ speech at the World Leading Schools (WLSA) Principals Conference in Shanghai this week. This followed his selection as the WLSA Best Delegate at the 2016 Student Conference last year. David presented insightful perspectives on the essential characteristics required of leaders in the 21st century. […]


Craig Blewett captivates at WLSA Conference with “Activated Classroom”

Dr Craig Blewett, current parent and WBHS Old Boy, and senior lecturer on I.T. at UKZN, captivated his audience at the World Leading Schools Association Conference this week. Representatives of the world’s top schools found it refreshing that an I.T. expert such as Craig acknowledges that the use of I.T. in our classrooms is doomed […]


Westville wins Highway Derby

In a very evenly keeled KZN 1st XV rugby season, where no single team dominated and each of the major teams had ecstatic wins, and some disappointing losses, Westville ended the season on a euphoric high. In a classic Saturday clash in front of thousands of spectators, Westville and Kearsney locked horns in a match […]


Westville Old Boy, Mickey Arthur, the winning coach in ICC Champions Trophy

The Pakistan national cricket team, coached by Westville Old Boy, Mickey Arthur, won the ICC Champions Trophy this weekend, comprehensively beating India in the final.  This was the first global 50-over title for Pakistan since they won the ICC World Cup in 1992. Mickey, who matriculated from Westville in 1985, has been the coach of […]




Sport Results

June – Week 3

Rugby results Kearsney at Westville: Westville scores first 1st 27-17 Win 2nd 7-10 Loss 3rd 36-12 Loss 4th 36-5 Win 5th 7-9 Win 6th 58-8 Win 7th 56-5 Win 16a 27-0 Win 16b 37-18 Win 16c 7-19 Loss 15a 10-13 Loss 15b 17-10 Win 15d vs Kearsney 15c 12-17 Loss 15e vs Kearsney 15d 31-31 […]


June – Week 2

Rugby vs College at College: 1st 15-50 L 2nd 14-22 L 3rd 21-24 L 4th 10-16 L 5th 5-22 L 6th 0-60 L 7th 12-38 L 16a 17-24 L 16b 5-37 L 16c 7-29 L 16d 5-53 L 15a 5-19 L 15b 5-22 L 15c 0-55 L 15d 5-22 L 15e 10-10 D 14a 0-3 […]


June – Week 1

Rugby results vs DHS at DHS: 1st 25-24 Win 2nd 35-19 Win 4th vs 3rd DHS 33-12 Win 6th vs 4th DHS 49-0 Win 16a 10-0 Win 16b 53-0 Win 16d vs 16c DHS 17-5 Win 15a 26-8 Win 15c vs 15b DHS 29-19 Win 15d vs 15c DHS 37-12 Win 14a 41-5 Win 14c […]


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