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Our Reputation

Westville Boys’ High School is a world-class South African institution that prepares its students for a rapidly changing global environment and has developed an enviable reputation for achieving all-round excellence in the education of its students.  Despite its widespread recognition, the School has retained the community character for which it has become known since its inception.  Westville Boys’ High School is a happy and productive school with considerable stakeholder involvement

Our all-round educational philosophy 

We believe in the value of a balanced, all-round education encompassing Academics, Sport, the Arts and Leadership. Across all these areas we are committed to nurturing in our boys the intellectual, creative and inter-personal skills which will be demanded of them in the rapidly changing, complex, uncertain and ambiguous world of today. Our ultimate aim is to develop our boys into respected and responsible young men who will add value to society in their lives and chosen careers

  • Resilience
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Humility
  • Character
  • Integrity

Why choose Westville Boys’ High School ?

A nurturing climate

Teacher-student ratio 17:1

Reinforcing of values: Resilience, Respect, Discipline, Character, Humility

High academic attainment

We aim at 100% pass rate

Collaborative learning, academic support & extension programmes

A culture of participation

18 official sports

28 Clubs, Societies & Task Teams at Westville Boys' High School

Leadership for the 21st Century

Servant leadership philosophy

Peer-mentorship, EQ and CQ training and international exchanges

Achieving balance

Formal recognition for all-round attributes

Emphasis on Performing and Visual Arts

A sense of community

High stakeholder involvement

Strong alumni support from our Old Boys'

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