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The “Middle Line” Approach

At Westville Boys’ High School, we recognise that every pupil is a complex and variously talented individual in his own right and we strive to recognise the special needs and potential of each individual to enable him to develop his unique ability. Each boy is guided and counselled by a dedicated team of skilled teachers and mentors who are aware of the demands of adolescence, and who accommodate individual needs in an enlightened and caring way. At WBHS we are acutely aware of our responsibility to our pupils and to their parents, and the School is committed to providing a support framework for each and every learner. Pupils who experience personal or home problems are counselled and parents are consulted where there are adjustment problems or where their sons are underachieving.

It is our aim to ensure that every learner in the School is happy to be here and that each boy enjoys every day that he spends at WBHS. With respect for the happiness and contentment of the individual being central to our educational philosophy comes the awareness of the responsibilities of each individual:

  • to school
  • to family
  • to others
  • to the society we serve


Westville boys are brought to the realisation that they are part of a wider community that shares a common humanity. Our emphasis is on trust and the nurturing of self-discipline and a healthy respect for others within our community.

We are faced with a world where companies employ at senior management level, men and women as Directors of Ethics, whose responsibility it is to monitor practices within the business to ensure that the business does not fall foul of the law. This has become necessary simply because of the shift of focus of individals away from the wellbeing of society and solely towards making money and on material values, and the resulting loss of common ethical values. And I believe that most parents don’t want their children to accept such values as the only norms of the modern world.

Parents choose to send their sons to WBHS because they want them to get an education in values, as well as an academic grounding and an exposure to the enjoyment of sport. It is no longer sufficient for us as teachers to see our role and focus as one of imparting academic content or sporting skills. The onus now falls on the teacher as a mentor to instil in our pupils the values and ethics that are pertinent to our 21st century lifestyle. And not simply to teach our children about values and ethics, but to reinforce and practice these values, ethics and norms in everything that we do at this School.

An education system that does not concern itself with ethics and moral values is not serving the needs of our young democracy. In fact an education system that fails to ask why there is such a scarcity of moral champions in the world today is contributing nothing to the ethics of society as a whole.

There is no doubt that these expectations rank highly amongst the reasons why parents send their sons here, and our responsibility as a School in delivering in this area is great. There is a belief that, in addition to all the critical ingredients of an excellent and balanced education, schools like Westville create in their pupils a sense of:

  • good citizenship
  • common decency
  • a lifestyle that is moral and ethical


In keeping with this mission of developing the whole individual and of empowering each individual student to make a positive contribution to the betterment of the School and of society in general our emphasis must continue to be on service.

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