Westville Boys’ High School

         Online Admissions


This online application will allow you to apply for admission for your son (“the Applicant”) to attend Westville Boys’ High School. Completing this application process will send all provided information to Westville Boys’ High School in order for the school to consider the Applicant for admission.



  • You will need a valid email address and personal information such as ID/Passport numbers, addresses and contact numbers for the parents and/or legal guardians.
  • The documents listed below are required. Please ensure that these documents are certified, scanned and ready to be uploaded.
  • Only .pdf files are accepted. For the Applicant’s photograph, image files are also accepted. If you do not have a scanner, you can search the App/Play store for a .pdf scanner app.
  • If any of these documents are more than one page in length (e.g. a 2-page immunization card) please scan these pages into a single, 2-page .pdf.
  • Please only upload all requested documents when prompted to do so during the application process.
  • Please note that the approval of the Applicants application does not guarantee the acceptance of the Applicant.


1. A copy of the Applicant’s unabridged (full) birth certificate

This reflects the names and ID numbers of both parents. If you do not have the new (unabridged) certificate, you must submit the old (abridged) certificate in the meantime.

However, you must apply for the unabridged birth certificate from the Department of Home Affairs and send us proof of application (i.e. a copy of the receipt). Please ensure that you send us the new unabridged birth certificate before the Applicant starts at Westville Boys’ High School, as no Applicant may be admitted without this document.


2. A copy of the Applicant’s report

If the Applicant is applying for Grade 8, please remember to send us a copy of the Applicant’s Grade 6 year-end report card once you have received it. You can still submit the application in the meantime using the latest report card available. The Applicant’s Grade 7 year-end report card will need to be submitted to the School as soon as it is available.

If applying for Grades 9-12, we require a copy of the previous year’s December report, as well as the Applicant’s latest report card available. 

Extramural activities are considered an important aspect of the Applicant’s application and as a result we want to know which activities the Applicant participates in, at his current school. The Extramural Participation Document will need to be completed and stamped by the Applicant’s current school and uploaded when prompted to do so. Please click here to download the Extramural Participation form.


3. Proof of residence

 Three separate documents, no older than 3 months, proving residency are required (i.e. latest rates, telephone, electricity accounts etc.). Please note that NO affidavit or lease agreement will be accepted.


 4. A recent passport photograph of the Applicant

 This must be submitted in an image or .pdf file format. Please ensure that the photograph is passport sized (51mm x 51mm) only.


5. Proof of immunisations

 Please note that the school is not allowed to accept any Applicant without proof of vaccination. Should the Applicant not be in possession of an immunisation card, an affidavit or a doctor’s letter will be accepted.


6. A copy of both Parents’/Legal Guardians identity documents

If a parent is deceased, we will require a death certificate instead.

Legal Guardians: Legal Guardians who are not the biological parents of the Applicant will be required to provide convincing proof, in the form of legal documentation, of the legitimacy of the guardianship.


7. Financial Clearance & Fees

A financial clearance certificate will need to be completed and stamped by the Applicant’s current school. The certificate will need to be uploaded during the application process. Please click here to download the certificate.

Should any person or 3rd  party be responsible for the school fees of the Applicant, a 3rd party undertaking form will need to be completed and submitted along with a certified copy of the 3rd  parties ID document. Please click here to download the undertaking form.


8Additional documents to support the application (Optional)

 Any additional documents or information (not included in 1 to 7 above) must be scanned together as a single .pdf document. Examples include academic and sporting certificates.


9. Important Admissions Information 

  • For an Applicant to be eligible for admissions he must comply with the admissions criteria as determined by the South African Schools Act.
  • The admissions process will not be initiated until all the relevant documentation has been received by the School.
  • Use of fraudulent documents and information pertinent to this application, such as age, identity, place of residence, financials, guardianship and previous academic achievement is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE. The School reserves the right to lay criminal charges and reject the application, whether or not the application has been accepted.
  • By completing this application for admission to the School, the Applicant and his parents accept that on such admission, the Applicant will be bound by the Code of Conduct and Rules of the School throughout the Applicant’s stay at the School.
  • Scholarship Application Forms are available on request from [email protected] for Applicants who wish to apply. Please click here for the scholarship criteria.