1st team – Cape Schools Week

The 1st won every game at this prestigious week. They have shown great character having travelled 12 hours on the bus to get to this week and finished the only team to win all their matches. This being our one and only invite to Cape Schools, next year we will be back at Michaelmas Week in PMB. I have also given you the teamlist again so you can congratulate them when you see them on the corridors or in the classroom.

Well done to Fabian Lazarus and Gary Glisson for their efforts with the team. Their partnership together has grown from strength to strength giving us the perfect coaching combination. Well done gents. You have done the school and yourselves proud.

[tab_item title=”WBHS vs PE”] Grey: 219/8, WBHS 223/6, WBHS won by 4 wickets. (D.Zondo 35, N.Pentz 47, E. Van Heerden 43, K. Simmonds 67)[/tab_item] [tab_item title=”WBHS vs Dale College”]Dale Col: 63/10, WBHS:285/5, WBHS won by 221 runs.(B. Hartslief 89, L. Schlemmer 72, M. Harvey 53)[/tab_item] [tab_item title=”WBHS vs Union High”]Union High: 136/10, WBHS:283/9, WBHS won by 147 runs.[/tab_item] [tab_item title=”WBHS vs Selborne”] Selborne: 207/7, WBHS 208/2, WBHS Won by 8 wickets[/tab_item]