Academics Honours

The academic results as evidenced by the recent mid-year examinations auger well for the National Senior Certificate Examinations which start at the end of October.

Westville’s top academic students have set a fine example for the Class of 2013, with seven of them achieving Academic Honours, an award which is made in the Matric year, based on Grade 11 and 12 results. Further Honours awards are likely after the completion of the Trials examinations in September.

Pictured are the Honours recipients (left to right): Asil Motala, Buhle Mbele, Steffen Wies, Hermann Tapamo, Gareth Kieck, Graham Tashner, and Dilan Kovarjee.

A notable characteristic of this top group is the all-round contribution that that this group has made at WBHS. They have achieved academic excellence each year, and have made significant contributions in other areas of school life – as student leaders, sportsmen, actors, public speakers and members of the School’s outreach team. The boys also play a leading role in the School’s Academic Support programme, assisting other learners in the afternoons and at holiday schools.  They appreciate the benefits of collaborative learning and are actively promoting this activity to their peers.

The list of the Top 15 based on mid-year results is presented below.


1 Asil Motala 92.3 %
2 Graham Taschner 90.7 %
3 Steffen Wies 90.0 %
4 Buhlebezwe Mbele 89.8 %
5 Dilan Koovarjee 89.5 %
6 Hermann Tapamo 89.3 %
7 Yusuf Bhabha 87.7 %
8 Aury Livingstone 87.2 %
9 Gareth Kieck 86.7 %
9 Nikhil Maharaj 86.7 %
11 Naeem Shaikh 86.3 %
12 Michael Field 86.0 %
12 Kyle Pillay 86.0 %
14 Aneet Daji 85.8 %
15 Richard Hill 85.5 %
15 Nikhil Nundlall 85.5 %