Former Headmaster Trevor Hall jets off to London this week to attend the 2019 Old Boys Reunion. The event, to be held in Piccadilly on Saturday 16 November, is likely to be a great success. At last count, more than 80 old boys from various decades had responded to the open invitation for the event. Apart from the inevitable reminiscing and reconnecting, one of the outcomes will be the formation of a formal UK sub-committee of WOBA. Our sincere thanks go to Graeme Dent (1982) for his initiative in setting up the reunion, together with his team of Taffy Morgan (1982) and Walter Brinzer (1981), as well as those who have been enthusiastically spreading the word, such as Hendan Wienand (1981), Pierre Venter (1979), John Hughes (1982) and Arnold Mabbett (1981).

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