Shivash Mahabeer, Thomas Earle, Jarrod Staples and Khelan Bhana at the KZN Disctrict Awards

WBHS dominated proceedings at the provincial awards function in front of a capacity crowd at the Durban ICC this week. Three of our boys excelled by being named in the elite Top 10 of the province. Our Dux Jarrod Staples claimed 1st position, with Khelan Bhana (Proxime Accessit) being placed 4th and Thomas Earle 8th. WBHS was the only school with more than one representative in the KZN Top 10. Shivash Mahabeer is also congratulated on receiving the Mathematics prize.

This event followed Jarrod’s exceptional achievement in being placed 3rd nationally with marks in his six NSC examination subjects of: English 96%, Afrikaans 96%, Mathematics 99%, Physical Science 98%, Accounting 99%, History 94% for an average of 97%. He also undertook two optional exam subjects, Advanced Programme Mathematics (95%) and Life Sciences (90%), in addition to the non-exam subject, Life Orientation (90%).

The 220 candidates in the Class of 2018 generally achieved a remarkable set of results, with 425 subject distinctions, a 99% pass rate and an 85% Bachelor pass rate. Other outstanding statistics were that 21 boys achieved 7 distinctions or more, while 30 boys achieved 6 distinctions or more.

Congratulations go to those boys who extended themselves in achieving their full potential, and our teachers across all grades for their persistence in motivating the students in their classes. The positive and vital pressure that parents apply at home in supporting their sons is also much appreciated.

Our 30 top-performing students were:
• Those students who achieved 9 distinctions: Jarrod Staples & David Weber.
• Those students who achieved 8 distinctions: Khelan Bhana, Thomas Earle, Shivash Mahabeer & Yashik Ramlall.
• Those who achieved 7 distinctions: Abdullah Ahmed, Shakiel Haneef, Rinaav Haripersad, Matthew Hislop, Levendran Konar, Keenan Laas, Ghyandra Naidoo, Ziyaad Simjee, Zackary Smorenburg, Tristan Somerville, Deelan Vanmari, Matthew Visser, Josia Vom Orde, Brendan Willemse & Arman Yetwaru.
• Those who achieved 6 distinctions: Raees Amla, Nihal Maharaj, Robert Major, Lisanthan Moodley, Riolan Moodley, Sashen Moodley, Jordan Silver, Betinsae Temesgen & Joshua Woods.

Bachelors’ passes were achieved by 187 students. In assessing the quality of passes, a major factor is: that 86% of our students undertook core Mathematics, and 79% undertook Physical Science. In addition, 26 students also wrote Advanced Programme Mathematics. This indicates that our boys undertake challenging courses to keep their career options open, which makes their achievements even more impressive. It is WBHS policy not to encourage our students to choose softer options.

Indicators of high achievement were the distinctions in three of the challenging gateway subjects:
• Mathematics: 45 A’s plus Advanced Programme Mathematics: 7 A’s
• Physical Science: 41 A’s
• Accounting: 46 A’s
The 46 A’s in Afrikaans were also very pleasing.

A summary of the overall results is:
• 217 students passed
• 6 students achieved 8 distinctions or more
• 41 students achieved A aggregates
• 187 achieved Bachelor passes
• 21 students achieved 7 distinctions or more
• 89 students achieved B aggregates or better
• 425 subject distinctions were achieved in total
• 30 students achieved 6 distinctions or more
• 153 students achieved C aggregates or better