WBHS 2023 Matriculants produce exceptional results

A massive congratulations to our Matric Class of 2023 on their incredible NSC results. We celebrate another year of success with our boys achieving a pass rate of 96.3%, with a total of 154 bachelor passes, setting the stage for a bright and purposeful future for our boys.


Some noteworthy achievements:

Top achievers in SA:

Jaskaran Rajaruthnam – 3rd in SA

James Dent – 3rd in SA for Mathematics

WBHS was the only KZN school to produce top 3 candidates in the Quintile 5 category.

Top Achievers in KZN:

Jaskaran Rajaruthnam – 2nd in KZN

Sean Brand – 4th in KZN

James Dent – 1st in KZN for Mathematics

Top Achievers in District:

Jaskaran Rajaruthnam – 1st in Pinetown District

Sean Brand – 2nd in Pinetown District

Mr Leslie Chain, the director of academics at WBHS, says the class of 2023 has shown great perseverance and dedication, achieving 1.3 ‘A’ symbols per learner. Although their foundational years for the FET phase were disrupted by COVID, lockdowns (Grade 9 & Grade 10), as well as the KZN riots and floods, the class of 2023 have taken the Griffin value of ‘Resilience’ to heart and have shown their commitment to academic excellence. “Sixty two percent of all symbols achieved were a ‘C’ symbols or higher,” Chain says.

Jaskaran Rajaruthnam

1st – 96%

8 Distinctions

Sean Brand

2nd – 95%

7 Distinctions

James Dent

3rd – 94%

7 Distinctions

Reuben Mare

4th – 93%

8 Distinctions

Louis Kruger

4th – 93%

7 Distinctions

Michael East

6th – 91%

7 Distinctions

Stuart Tyrrell

6th – 91%

7 Distinctions

Yaaseen Mahomed

8th – 89%

7 Distinctions

Mahiren Bisetty

9th – 88%

7 Distinctions

Lukas Friedrich

10th – 87%

8 Distinctions


In alphabetical order of surnname


8 Distinctions

  1. Friedrich, Lukas (Eng, Afr, Math, LO*, Geo, Hist, Phy Sci, German)
  2. Maré, Rueben (Eng, Afr*, Math*, LO*, Acc*, Phy Sci*, Life Sci*, AP Math*)
  3. Rajaruthnam, Jaskaran (Eng*, Afr*, Math*, LO*, Acc*(100%), Life Sci*, Phy Sci*, AP Math*)


7 Distinctions

  1. Bisetty, Mahiren (Eng, Afr, Math*, LO*, Acc*, EGD*, Phy Sci)
  2. Brand, Sean (Eng*, Afr*, Math*, LO, Acc*, EGD*, Phy Sci*)
  3. Dent, James (Eng*, Afr, Math*(100%), LO*, Geog*, Life Sci*, Phy Sci*)
  4. East, Michael (Eng, Afr, Math*, LO*, Acc*, Life Sci*, Phy Sci*)
  5. Kruger, Louis (Eng*, Afr*, Math*, LO*, Hist, Life Sci*, Phy Sci*)
  6. Mahomed, Yaaseen (Eng, Afr, Math*, LO, Acc*, Life Sci, Phy Sci*)
  7. Tyrrell, Stuart (Eng, Afr, Math*, LO*, Acc*, Geog*, Phy Sci)


6 Distinctions

  1. Gross-Mitchell, Travis (Afr, Math, LO, Acc, Life Sci, Phy Sci)
  2. Lockhat, Ebrahim (Eng, Afr, Math, LO*, Acc*, Hist, Phy Sci)
  3. Machi, Mongezi (Eng, Zul, Math, LO, Acc, Phy Sci)
  4. Naudé, James (Eng, Math*, LO, Acc*, Bus, Phy Sci)
  5. Watkins, Jared (Eng, Afr, Math, LO, Life Sci, Phy Sci)


5 Distinctions

  1. Hurrienarain, Vahir (Math*, LO, EGD, Life Sci, Phy Sci*)
  2. Johanson, Kian (Math*, LO, Geog, Life Sci, Phy Sci)
  3. Kruger, James (Math*, LO, Acc*, Geo*, Phy Sci)
  4. Lewis, Keegan (Math*, LO, Life Sci, Phy Sci, VA)
  5. Maxwell, Luke (Math*, LO*, Geo, Life Sci, Phy Sci*)



A distinction is an A symbol (mark of 80% and up)

An *asterisk denotes a mark of 90% and higher

Subjects: Accounting (Acc), Afrikaans (Afr), Business Studies (Bus) Drama, Economics (Eco), English (Eng), Engineering Graphics & Design (EGD), French, Further Studies Mathematics, formerly known as AP Maths (FMath), Geography (Geo), History (His), Information Technology (IT), isiZulu First Additional Language (Zul), Life Orientation (LO), Life Science (Life Sci), Mathematics (Math), Mathematical Literacy (Maths Lit), Music, Physical Science (Phy Sci), Visual Art (VA).


“Our Griffins have done well this year and are reaping the rewards from their hard work sown over many years,” says headmaster Graham Steele.


We wish the class of 2023 every success in the future, it was an honour serving with you in this important chapter in your life and we encourage each of you to not shrink from your purpose in your future endeavours. We look forward to celebrating with you as an old boy on the side of Bowden’s field or in the audience at the Roy Cousens Theatre.


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