The Class of 2017 achieved 421 subject distinctions, a 97% pass rate and an 84% Bachelor pass rate.

I congratulate those boys who extended themselves in achieving their full potential, and our teachers across all grades who deserve credit for their persistence in motivating the students in their classes. I also appreciate the positive pressure that parents apply at home in supporting their sons – this is extremely vital.

However, it is disappointing that this year our Bachelor pass rate and the number of distinctions were relatively lower than usual.

Congratulations to our top-performing students:

  • Those students who achieved 8 distinctions: Daiman Somerville, Rorke Lilford, Jonty Ross and Tyler Buxton.
  • Those who achieved 7 distinctions: Muhammad Jhavary, Tameez Gani, Navidul Islam, and Harry Reinbach.
  • Shaun van Rensburg, who was named as one of the top Mathematics students in KZN with a mark of 98%. He is also able to boast six subjects with marks over 90%.

Bachelors’ passes were achieved by 186 students. In assessing the quality of passes, another major factor to consider is that:

  • 86% of our students undertook core Mathematics, and
  • 86% undertook Physical Science.

In addition, 20 students undertook Advanced Programme Mathematics.

This indicates that our boys undertake challenging courses to keep their career options open, which makes their achievements even more impressive. It is WBHS policy not to encourage our students to choose softer options.

Indicators of high achievement were the distinctions in three of the challenging gateway subjects:

  • Mathematics: 42 A’s plus Advanced Programme Mathematics: 5 A’s
  • Physical Science: 41 A’s
  • Accounting: 41 A’s

Some other notable statistics were:

  • 186 achieved Bachelor passes
  • 4 students achieved 8 distinctions
  • 8 students achieved 7 distinctions or more
  • 19 students achieved 6 or more distinctions
  • 40 students achieved A aggregates
  • 94 students achieved B aggregates or better
  • 155 students achieved C aggregates or better
  • 421 subject distinctions were achieved in total
  • 86% of the group undertook core Mathematics, and 86% undertook Physical Science


Given the large size of the group it is to their credit that they were able to produce excellent results. Five of our students’ results are incomplete due to injury or illness.