As part of our “Middle Line” approach at WBHS, we recognize that every pupil is a complex and variously talented individual in his own right and we strive to recognize the special needs and potential of each individual to enable him to develop his unique ability.

One of our sponsors this year, ITEC, has involved themselves with WBHS because of its Middle Line approach to Education.

Headmaster, Trevor Hall with Greg du Plessis from ITEC.

“ITEC agreed to sponsor WBHS because it was not difficult to subscribe to the School’s Vision of the “middle line” approach,” said Greg du Plessis, Managing Director of ITEC in KZN.

“Westville not only takes the responsibility of providing a quality education but they go one step further by empowering the boys to grow their values and develop the boys to be a meaningful contribution to society once they leave High School. It’s the impact after the “now” that is similar to ITEC’s business approach in building relationships with our customers”.

We thank ITEC for their involvement at WBHS this year. It is always a privilege to have the support of business in education.

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