Chad Hosken in action against Glenwood

Chad Hosken in action against Glenwood

Westville’s 1st water polo team had a positive start to their water polo in a home game against Glenwood.

After a loss to Glenwood last term, Westville managed to turn the tables with a determined and positive game.  Although Glenwood started as the stronger of the two sides scoring the first goal, Westville finished the first quarter stronger,  leading 3-1 at the end of the chukka.

The 2nd chukka was very even, with two goals apiece and at half time Westville led 5-3.  Westville dominated in the 3rd chukka scoring 3 goals to Glenwood’s 0 and were well in the lead going into the final quarter.

In the final chukka,  Westville took their foot off the pedal and let in two goals without adding to their total.

Final score: 8-5 to Westville