Headmaster, Mr Hall handing over the Pro Meritis Award to Old Boy, Craig Duff

Headmaster, Trevor Hall was proud to present a Pro Meritis Award to Old Boy, Craig Duff (1987) at the All Round Excellence Awards that took place at the School on Tuesday 4 December.

“The Old Boy Pro Meritis Award can best be defined as an award to a graduate of Westville Boys’ High School who has achieved a “degree of excellence” in his subsequent life.

Not necessarily in any one skill or because he has been blessed with particular talent, rather it is an award to a person who has made a significant contribution to the national or global community and has achieved the highest degree of excellence to which we aspire in the School and who has by example of character, attitude, service, involvement, application, unselfishness, modesty and dedication over a period of time, reflected the personal attributes which we value in our School.

It is an award which, in its entirety, is the highest honour that the School can bestow on an Old Boy. It is an award which is not bestowed very often and the ultimate decision will rest with the Headmaster.”

Congratulations Craig, and thank you for the massive contribution that you continue to make to Westville Boys’ High School and to education in this country.

Craig also addressed the audience and spoke of his journey to success.  Please click here to a copy of his speech.