Review by Frank Graham

I was invited on Tuesday evening to attend the Headmaster’s performance of Westville Boys’ High School’s latest production, Disco Inferno. Not going to be exactly my cup of tea, I thought – but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The show is a fantasy encompassing the Disco era of the 70s and it dazzles from the opening number. The energetic cast of 70 led us through a swathe of colourfully costumed parade of wonderful music evoking many memories … Gawd, did we really wear those bellbottoms! Of course we did, and thought they were marvellous at the time!

The talent on show was truly remarkable, the soloists exhibiting scintillating renditions of a host of popular tunes, and the zest of the seemingly tireless “chorus” of singers and dancers left one gasping. The cast weaved their way almost seamlessly from number to number, the choreography never tedious and admirably executed. The ensemble singing featured some really lovely harmonies, remarkable for a “school” production.

I’m still gobsmacked by how such a large cast could dissolve into what has to be limited wings-space, but there seemed to be no flaws.

As with all WBHS productions, the sound and the lighting were absolutely top-notch, adding to the over-all enjoyment. The lighting was particularly imaginative

WBHS and its sister schools are to be congratulated on a grand scale, as are the myriad helpers who all made this thoroughly enjoyable entertainment possible. Not one cast member can have been said to give less than his/her all.

With so much talent exuberantly inspanned, it seems invidious to single any one performer out – but I am going to. I have never seen a performer enjoy himself so much ALL the time on a stage as Cameron Moodie. I can’t see this lithe young lad ever becoming an accountant or a welder! He exudes a vibrancy that is totally infectious.

Well done to the ever-wonderful Producer/Director Luke Holder and his enthusiastic team. You deserve every accolade you have received. I wish you all well for your final performances.