This year three WBHS Grade 11 students attended the 2012 Global Young Leaders Conference in Europe: Shivaan Salligram, Ethan Hitchcock and Kalin Naidu.
The conference took place over two weeks and involved over 200 students from numerous countries worldwide. The conference started in Vienna, Austria and then moved to Budapest, Hungary and to Prague, Czech Republic, the final destination of the main conference event. The optional add-on programme consisted mainly of sightseeing and exploring the cities of Europe focusing on Salzburg, Austria, and Munich, Germany. Shivaan and Kalin attended the main event and the optional add-on while Ethan attended only the main event.
The boys gained valuable insight on world matters as they communicated with and listened to talks by various world leaders. Students attending the conference ranged from ages 16-18, and were split into leadership groups, in which they discussed and debated various world matters including the Kony 2012 campaign, cross cultural misunderstandings and conflict resolution such as the current one between Israel and Palestine. They were guided and educated by professional facilitators from around the world on becoming future influential global leaders. In each of the countries visited, current global leaders, prominent in their respective fields addressed the students to provide further support and advice on global leadership.
The Westville boys were impressed by the diversity and richness of the various cultures of people attending from all over the world and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Relationships that could last a lifetime were built with other students at the conference, and the contacts gained from around the world were invaluable. The memories made and the knowledge gained will forever remain instilled within the boys as they pursue their aims as global leaders of the future. The boys regard the GYLC experience as truly life-changing, and being of considerable benefit to them in their future lives.

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