On Friday 20 April, 600 boys and 50 coaches embarked on 17 buses for the biennial away sports fixtures against Jeppe (Johannesburg). Despite being a massive exercise, the 2-day visit to Jeppe is most worthwhile, and the WBHS community is most appreciative of the impeccable hosting provided by the Jeppe community.

Rugby: The Jeppe teams were dominant in the Open Rugby age-group, with WBHS taking the honours in the U14, U15 and U16 age groups.   Overall, WBHS won 11 of the 21 matches played. Highlights from a WBHS perspective included a courageous 18-12 win for the U16A team, and a nail-biting 15-10 win for the U15A team. Although the talented Jeppe 1st team proved too strong for the Westville 1st team in a convincing 59-32 win, the Westville boys were able to run in four good tries by Teague Loelly, Josh Aigner, Braden van Wyk and Jono Reineke. A drop-goal from Nqubeko Makwanazi and four successful kicks by Dylan Labuschagne accounted for the other points.

Hockey: There were a number of close Hockey games against the traditionally strong Jeppe teams, with WBHS achieving 6 wins and 3 draws of the 16 games played. The 1st team game was a hard-fought affair, with Jeppe edging out WBHS 1-0.

Tennis & Squash: The WBHS 1st and 2nd Tennis teams prevailed in 8-1 and 9-0 wins respectively, as did the three Squash teams who all recorded convincing wins.  

Cross-Country: The WBHS Cross-Country teams were also impressive, with the Seniors winning 21-15, and the Juniors winning 31-5.  In the Junior event, Westville’s Daniel Ellis, Calvin Brigg, Muhammad Ally, Luke Ellis and Drew Dorfling occupied the first five places. In the Senior event, James Haw, Ryan Minnie and Reece Kincaid were placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

Chess & E-sports: It is encouraging to see that these two activities were also included in the programme.   Jeppe took the honours in Chess (7-3), while WBHS won the E-sports (2-0 and 3-0).

The full set of results is as follows:

Rugby vs Jeppe at Jeppe:

1st 32-59 Loss

2nd 17-48 Loss

3rd 5-32 Loss

4th 7-15 Loss

5th 5-17 Loss

6th 19-10 Win


16A 18-12 Win

16B 22-10 Win

16C 17-14 Win

16D 7-13 Loss

16E 6-12 Loss


15A 15-10 Win

15B 20-7 Win

15C 10-12 Loss

15D 7-12 Loss

15E 45-0 Win


14A 5-17 Loss

14B 45-7 Win

14C 29-7 Win

14D 24-0 Win

14E 29-0 Win

Hockey vs Jeppe at Jeppe:

1st 0-1 Loss

2nd 1-3 Loss

3rd 2-4 Loss

4th 2-3 Loss

5th 2-1 Win


16A 0-5 Loss

16B 0-1 Loss

16C 1-1 Draw

16D 1-1 Draw

16E 1-2 Loss

16F 1-1 Draw


14A 1-0 Win

14B 10-0 Win

14C 5-0 Win

14D 9-0 Win

14E 3-2 Win

Cross Country results at Jeppe:

Westville won both seniors and juniors.

Senior Points:

Jeppe – 15

Westville – 21

Junior Points:

Jeppe – 5

Westville – 31

ESports Results: 

Counter Strike won 2 out of 2

League of Legends won 3 out of 3

Tennis results:



Squash vs Jeppe at Jeppe:

1st 12-0 Win

2nd 12-0 Win

3rd 12-0 Win