Westville’s Joshua Parry, Michael Duckham, Lucas Beukes and Chad Mayer

WBHS Swimming teams picked up from where they left off at the end of the 1st term season, with a dominant performance in the first round of the inaugural Hill Cup event, staged at Lahee Park. This format of this event is based on the USA College model, comprises relays and individual events, and involves boys and girls. Each swimmer may enter no more than three events.

WBHS won all the boys’ relay events, and with its future Olympic contenders delivering impressive performances in the relays and individual events.  The points scores reflect the degree of WBHS dominance: WBHS 353 points; Glenwood 142; Clifton 127; the composite Barbarians team 125 points; and DHS 68.

In the Girls’ events, the Barbarians team ended in first position, followed by Our Lady of Fatima and Durban Girls’ College with St Mary’s and Durban Girls’ High tying for 4th position.