WBHS Headmaster, Trevor Hall

WBHS Headmaster, Trevor Hall

The World Leading Schools Association (WLSA) has recognised the quality education provided at Westville Boys’ High School by inviting Headmaster Trevor Hall to deliver a keynote address at the 2013 conference currently being held at Yale University in the USA.

WLSA is a body which aims to comprise 100 of the World’s top schools, 50 schools being selected from Western countries and 50 from the East. WLSA’s mission is to share best practice from the world’s leading schools in developing 21st Century students with holistic skills to enable them to make a positive contribution to global change. This body is headed by the Headmaster of Eton, Tony Little (Chairman) and Jack Jia (Chairman). WLSA has offices in the Netherlands, China and the USA. Westville Boys’ High is the only school from Africa currently admitted to this body.

For further details of the WLSA conference and its keynote speakers, log on to the website en.wlsafoundation.com.

Trevor Hall’s presentation is entitled:

The abstract is:
Post-apartheid South Africa has experienced constitutional, political, legislative, economic and social transformation on a massive scale over the past two decades. Few observers would have predicted that South Africa’s transition to constitutional democracy would be as peaceful as it turned out to be. Often referred to as the ‘miracle’ of the ‘rainbow nation’, this transition nevertheless continues to carry with it positive and negative implications for education in the country. This presentation contains reflections on the challenges faced by a leading South African school and the strategies employed in a quest for excellence in the widely diverse South African context.


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