Recently, two teams from Westville Boys’ High School entered the inaugural Charter Quest Junior CFO Case Study competition held in Sandton, Johannesburg.

After initially developing a set of answers around a case study presented to the teams in March, and advancing through a step-wise process of elimination throughout the year, Team DAKY (Deelan Vanmari, Arman Yetwaru, Keenan Laas and Yashtil Kissoon) achieved a Top 6 final position, whilst Team Westville proceeded to the final round, after presenting their report to a panel of judges in the semi-finals. This final round, consisting of three teams, tasked the participants with solving a new and more complex case study, one which required them to apply skills acquired in both Mathematics and Accounting. This task was required to be completed, including a PowerPoint presentation of the recommendations developed, within 3 hours, during which no external interaction was permitted.

After again presenting to a panel of judges, consisting of business executives from across South Africa, Team Westville was named the winners of the competition.

Team members Jarrod Staples, Khelan Bhana, Thomas Earle and Yashik Ramlall gained valuable insight into the business world as well as a broader outlook on life at the tertiary level and beyond. We commend them on their momentous achievement.

The winning team was also given the opportunity to officially open the JSE on the day following the announcement which proved to be an exciting and memorable experience.

Please follow the link below to the interview with Mr Trevor Hall, Headmaster at WBHS: