soccer3After winning the Kloof Interprovincial Tournament the previous Saturday and accounting for Clifton during the week, Westville had stretched their unbeaten run to 15 games and they were confident that they would be more than a match for St Charles on Saturday. Although the Highways team was originally blessed with some very talented players it has already lost 6 of them through injury including their three top strikers as well as their Captain Jason Oakes. Kingsley Jollands their star defender having also just been added to the injury list. Possibly too many games in too compacted a season are beginning to make their toil.

Westville got off to a positive start and dominated the first half playing more attacking soccer but without managing to get any reward for their endeavors. The second half was much of the same with the St Charles goalie have a torrid time but managing to keep a clean slate and Westville more intent on breaking the cross bar rather than kicking the ball into the back of the net. Facing a continuous onslaught, St Charles seemed content to hold out for draw.

It was a very frustrating result for Westville’s coach, while his counterpart from Pietermaritzburg would have been quite contented with the draw.

The full results are below:

Soccer vs St Charles at Westville Boys:
1st WBHS 0 1st St Charles 0
2nd WBHS 1 2nd St Charles 0
3rd WBHS 1 3rd St Charles 1
4th WBHS 4 4th St Charles 0
5th WBHS 2 5th St Charles 1
6th WBHS 5 6th St Charles 1
7th WBHS 2 7th Michaelhouse 0
8th WBHS 5 8th Michaelhouse 0

16a WBHS 1 16a St Charles 1
16b WBHS 1 16b St Charles 1
16c WBHS 2 16c St Charles 0
16d WBHS 4 16d St Charles 1
16e WBHS 1 16d Michaelhouse 2
16f WBHS 3 16e Michaelhouse 3

15a WBHS 5 15a St Charles 0
15b WBHS 6 15b St Charles 0
15c WBHS 1 15c St Charles 1
15d WBHS 2 15d St Charles 0
15f WBHS 1 15e Michaelhouse 2
15g WBHS 3 15f Michaelhouse 0

14a WBHS 2 14a St Charles 4
14b WBHS 3 14b St Charles 0
14c WBHS 3 14c St Charles 0
14d WBHS 5 14d St Charles 3
14e WBHS 10 14e St Charles 0
14f WBHS 7 14f St Charles 1
14g WBHS 4 14g St Charles 1

Soccer vs Clifton and Thomas More at Westville:
1st WBHS 1 1st Clifton 0
2nd WBHS 1 1st Thomas More 1
3rd WBHS 1 2nd Clifton 0