The Westville / College clash has become a KZN derby. Both schools have invested a lot of time on their Basketball Programmes and as a result their Basketball profiles have grown considerably in all age groups in recent times

Westville had a decent outing the previous week against Michealhouse winning 37 – 28 while College had a close win against Kearsney (49 – 45). This was going to be an epic battle to secure the No2 spot in KZN. Westville’s starting five included Tonny Mahlangu, Nicholas Inman-Bamber, Devon Muller, Connor Dale and Marcelle Barnard. College won the jump ball and got their offense going and quickly converted on their first attempt. Both teams opted for zone defense and this settled the game down fairly quickly. College took the 1st Quarter 13 – 10.

Westville fought back in the 2nd Quarter and led 23 – 22 at the Half Time Break. Marcelle Barnard’s contribution of 10 points as well as Muller and Van Rooyen’s outside shooting in the first half of the game allowed Westville’s offense to take off and secure the lead. Mahlangu and Lambert directed Westville’s offense and maintained a good tempo throughout the game. Both teams continued with a cautious approach and whilst College opted to shoot, Westville kept questioning College inside the paint. As a result, College found themselves in foul trouble and this allowed Westville to maintain control of the game. Baah and Thorne added points for Westville in the 3rd Quarter and helped the home team to secure a 36 – 35 scoreline at the break.

. The 4th Quarter proved to be nail biting with both teams desperately wanting the win. Westville once again opted for the drive and had College in foul trouble and as a result converted seven free-throws in the final quarter.

Nicholas Inman-Bamber and Devon Muller once again displayed their wealth of experience at 1st Team level. They were the absolute core of Westville’s offense and defense and really kept the team together at crucial times. They must be commended for their dedication and leadership

It was truly a team effort and Westville clinched the win 51 – 47. Both teams must be commended for an exciting and competitive game.

Point Scorers

Marcelle Barnard – 13

Tonny Mahlangu – 7

Quinn Lambert – 6

Devon Muller – 6

Gabriel Baah – 6

Calvin Thorne – 5

Nicholas Inman-Bamber – 4

Kevin Van Rooyen – 3