Keegan Gibbon fights for possession

Keegan Gibbon fights for possession

Westville Boys hosted inland giants, Michaelhouse, on Saturday knowing they had another tough game on their hands.

The game started at a high tempo with Westville getting into their stride early on. The home side created a couple of very good chances but they failed to capitalize with poor finishing costing them. As the half wore on,  both teams struggled to keep possession and Westville struggled to break Michaelhouse down as they sat deep and absorbed everything the home side threw at them.

The second half started at the same high tempo with both teams being more aggressive in their press. Westville finally broke the deadlock after 7 minutes,  with a fantastic individual effort by Captain, Matthew Davies, who linked up with Mbuso Mgobozi to score a great goal. As the half wore on, both teams continued to create the odd chance, with Michaelhouse having a barrage of penalty corners but Westville held strong.

With a few minutes left, Westville had a great chance to kill the game with another Penalty Corner but it was well saved by the visitors goalie. The home team then lost their discipline,  trying to manage the game. They  first lost striker Keegan Gibbon for 2 minutes for preventing the quick free hit, and then gave  a penalty corner away in the dying seconds after the ball was hit away. The drama continued as Michaelhouse were stopped from equalizing by a fantastic stop on the goal line by Keagan de Castro to bring an end to a fantastic game.

Westville continued their dominance in KZN Hockey this season recording their 13th victory of the season. They finish off their season with this coming weekend against major rivals, Glenwood. It promises to be a most entertaining and exciting clash.

The U16A team had a good 2-0 victory with goals coming from Hastin Naidoo and Marcel Ganesh, to continue their fantastic season.

The U14A team had a hard fought 0-0 draw with a very strong Michaelhouse side and will be proud of their effort.

Other results:

2nd 5-5

3rd 7-1

4th 5-0

16B 1-2

16C 1-0

14B 1-0

14C 4-1