Westville’s young side are obviously making good use of their new pool and beginning to show some real potential. On Saturday 16 February 2013, WBHS played water polo against Northwood at Northwood. The Highways outfit is beginning to show much more awareness of what needs to be done on attack and defense. Although they can still improve on their goal strike rate,  they were very successful in keeping the Northwood players away from the goalmouth.

After the 1st chukka WBHS were in the lead 1-0, with Captain Dylan Rosser scoring the only goal.

Dylan Rosser, WBHS Captain

Dylan Rosser, WBHS Captain

Using their superior speed, Westville were able to secure the ball for long periods of play during the 2nd chukka, eventually forcing Northwood to make mistakes and Westville  being awarded a 5m penalty. This was successfully taken by Ryan Clark. Not too long after that Brandon Watkins, the WBHS left hander, scored the 3rd goal.

Daniel Ronaldson won the swim off again at the start of the 3rd Chukka and from there, Ryan Clark scored the 4th goal. At the end of the 3rd chukka Westville were up 4-0 and in the process,  had successfully denied Northwood any good scoring opportunities.

Ryan Landsberg won the swim off at the start of the 4th Chukka and again the visitors kept their hosts at bay and in the process, managed to score two more goals through Ryan Clark and Richard Ogg. The final score was 6-0.

Ross van Niekerk, the Westville goalie, did however see quite a bit of action during the game but as a result of his agile goal keeping skills, he kept a clean slate the entire game.