Thando Mzimela and Braydon Rutherford

In a year where recognition has been difficult to attain, WBHS celebrates two of our boys who have managed to do just that.

This report from wordsmith, English Teacher and Head Coach of Debating, Shaun Padoa:

Hunger. No school exists without it. But for Braydon Rutherford and Thando Mzimela, it was figurative hunger. Both enthusiastically joined debating when they were in grade 8, and both immediately recognised the value of this incredible art (and science).

Their eyes lit up when they heard that one could make KZN in debating, and since then the hunger has been ravenous.

These two fine gentlemen have worked conscientiously at honing their craft over the years, and despite having other commitments in their lives: Braydon plays for the 1st Basketball Team and is a top academic, and Thando has been involved in almost every cultural performance and school Task Team since he first wore a Westville tie; they have proven absolute loyalty and commitment to the cause of rhetoric.

Westville Boys’ resumed debating training three months ago and the development of the craft has certainly not ceased. These two fine gentlemen have been instrumental in the precocious functioning of all the training sessions and also work in mentoring the junior debaters, as has been tradition.

Since the moment of debating sentience set in, they have done everything in their power to improve their skills and learn more about the real intricacies of the world. The selection process in the time of COVID-19 was even more gruelling than before, but these two young men rightfully earned a place in one of the most coveted positions in schools’ debating.

They have already begun their online training with the squad and they have continued to do Westville proud. However, their appetites remain unsated, and they continue to be ambassadors for all-round excellence. Incepto ne Desistam.