Captain Yuric Thambiran going for a hoop in Westville’s encounter with Michaelhouse

Captain Yuric Thambiran going for a hoop in Westville’s encounter with Michaelhouse

Team work and determination saw Westville’s 1st Basketball team record an excellent win over the midlands Michaelhouse side on Saturday after narrow defeats to the top two baskeball sides,  DHS and College in the first two season’s fixtures.

Having travelled to Michaelhouse in the first term, Westville had failed to protect an 18 point half time lead and lost the game by 1 point in the dying moments of the game. The WBHS team were determined to turn this around in front of a home crowd.

In the first quarter, Westville lost the jump ball for the first time this season and Michaelhouse capitalised with an opening basket. Both teams made unforced errors early on and the turn over count kept rolling. This quarter saw a cautious approach from both, and with Westville hesitating on the drive and some sloppy passing, Michaelhouse finished the quarter ahead.

WBHS pulled away at the start of the 2nd quarter and at one stage were 12 points clear of the home team. With numerous errors on Westville’s part, a shooting change was made bolstering the team’s offense.

Calvin Thorne made 3 from 3 beyond the arc in this quarter and with rolling substitutions, the defence was kept fresh. Marcelle Barnard together with Captain Yuric Thambiran strengthened Westville in the paint and under the hoop. A brilliant start by Michael Angelos allowed Westville’s offense to take shape. At the half, Westville were ahead 22 – 20.

In the 3rd quarter, House once again stamped their authority, relying on their shooter to take them ahead. Westville’s zone defense failed to shift and a few open shots once again allowed House to pull away. Westville looked untidy in their offense and were starting to once again make defensive errors.

Michaelhouse went into the 4th quarter ahead at 32-20 and Westville stepped up on their defence. Devon Muller was unstoppable on offence and tested House under their own hoop. Angelos once again showed his dominance on the court and finished the game with 17 points, 9 of them coming in this final quarter. Captain Thambiran, together with Barnard, cemented Westville on both ends of the court. A few quick steals from Westville’s Tonny Mahlangu allowed Westville to play more offense than defence in the final quarter. With Westville tallying up 22 points in the final quarter compared to House’s 12, the host team took the final honours with a 52-44 win.