I pay tribute to the 222 boys in the 2012 Matric group who exceeded our expectations and performed well in the NSC exams, which were generally regarded as challenging.  Special accolades go tour Dux, James Young, who achieved 9 distinctions including 8 marks over 90%. Our overall results were not as high as those of the previous three years.  The Bachelors pass rate has been in the 91%-96% range since the introduction of the NSC curriculum, but dropped to 85% in 2012. We aim to get this back to our usual high standards in 2013. Nonetheless, the 2012 results do contain a number of positive points.


Some notable statistics were:

i.  99% pass rate

ii.  86% of the group achieved Bachelor passes

iii.  6 boys achieved 8 or more distinctions

iv. 13 boys achieved 7 or more distinctions

v.  23 boys achieved 6 distinctions or more

vi.  35 boys achieved A aggregates

vii. 101 boys achieved B aggregates or better

viii.  169 boys achieved C aggregates or better

ix.  432 subject distinctions were achieved in total

x.  83% of the group undertake Maths rather than Maths Literacy while 77% undertake Physical Science


James Young achieved 9 distinctions. The boys who each achieved 8 distinctions were: Ozayr Adam, Hao-Chih Lin, Ittay Nadesan, Yuvir Nundlall and Nino Wunderlin. Those who achieved 7 distinctions were: Shahil Bhika, Shivay Maharaj, Aphiwe Meyiwa, Ahmed Paruk, Byron Seegers, Dylan Waterworth and Andreas Ziemkendorf. Those who achieved 6 distinctions were: Shane Allsopp, Dylan Bright, Dale Bristow, Rory Bruorton, Prevarshen Govender, Liam Hitchcock, Matthew Jones, Grant Levang, Luke Miller and Sanushin Moodley.


I thank all our teachers across all grades for their persistence in motivating the boys in their classes. I also appreciate the positive pressure that most parents apply at home in supporting our initiatives – this is extremely vital.


The success we achieved last year in academics, sport and the arts reinforces our commitment to the holistic approach and our mission of nurturing all-round excellence. It is very true that the more a boy puts into his School, the more he gets out of it. The boys mentioned above were certainly not one-dimensional academics, and they added value to the School over a number of different areas: in sport, performing arts and service. The fact that the vast majority have Maths and Science in their subject packages indicates that they undertake challenging courses, which makes their achievements very impressive indeed.

Below: James Young – Dux 2012

JAMES YOUNG (Grade 11 Mentor)