WBHS is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Vincent van Rensburg as Deputy Headmaster of the School. He assumed duty on 16 January 2024 following the retirement of Rev. Alan Miller last year. Following an extensive interview process, Mr van Rensburg emerged as the ideal candidate to lead and inspire the next generation of students at the renowned all-boys high school.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Sport Science and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), Mr Van Rensburg brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and a passion for holistic education. Having spent his high school career walking the corridors of this very institution and learning the ways of the Griffin, Mr van Rensburg says that his time as a student has deeply influenced his educational philosophy, and he is eager to expand the school’s legacy.

It was a full circle moment when Vince returned to the school as a sports coach before re-entering the classroom in 2013 as an educator. Since then, he has forged a fine reputation through his experience as a Director of Form Heads over the past 3 years and, as he steps into the realm of Executive Leadership, Vince believes that he can add the most value within the areas of Culture & Discipline.

Mr van Rensburg is keen on fostering an environment that nurtures well-rounded individuals. He emphasised the importance of solid academics, a grounding in servant leadership and the significance of extracurricular activities in shaping a student’s character and building essential life skills.

With a focus in the sciences, Mr van Rensburg’s subject expertise lies in the disciplines of Physical and Life Sciences. His background in Sport Science and his tenure as Director of Form Heads, brings a unique perspective to the academic landscape, promoting a comprehensive approach to education.

When asked about specific plans for WBHS, Mr van Rensburg hinted at multiple initiatives but one that he is most excited about is to foster a stronger sense of community among students, teachers, and parents.

As Mr van Rensburg takes on this significant role, WBHS looks forward to a new chapter filled with academic excellence, personal growth, and a steadfast commitment to the values that define our wonderful institution. He joins our Headmaster, Mr Graham Steele, together with our other Deputy Headmasters, Mr Leslie Chain (Academics) and Mr Guy Coombe (School Culture).

On the home front, Vince is married to Pascale, a teacher by profession, and has a 19-month-old daughter, Lilly. We are excited for what lies ahead for WBHS. We know that Mr Van Rensburg will lead with passion, will serve our community with integrity, and will epitomise the Griffin values throughout his tenure. We are extremely fortunate to have gained a Deputy Headmaster of Mr van Rensburg’s pedigree.