KearsneySaturday saw the final home game of Westville’s season against an always stubborn Kearsney College.

Westville went into the game as favourites and after 8minutes took the lead when Jacques Bleeker pivoted on a ball with his left foot and buried the ball into the bottom corner of the net. Westville continued to have the lion’s share of possession throughout most of the first half and most of the territory but lacked the killer punch. They would live to regret this when just before halftime Kearsney scored an equalizer, in one of their rare incursions into the home side’s goal area.

The lesson seemed to have been learnt by the home team because the second half saw them go on the offensive with renewed vigour and more intensity . They were rewarded soon after the break when Kyan Braithwaite scored after some great play between himself and Jason Oakes. Further pressure led to a number of opportunities and near misses. In the final 5 minutes of the game, Westville put the game beyond Kearsney with a strike from outside the box by Mohammed Patel.

The 3-1 win was, in the end a great way to finish the home season.

The full set of results are as follows:

1ST vs Kearsney 3-1 win
2ND vs Kearsney 1-0 win
3RD vs Kearsney 1-1 draw
4TH vs Kearsney 2-2 draw
5TH vs Kearsney 5-1 win
6TH vs Kearsney 2-0 win
8TH vs Kearsney 0-1 loss

16A vs Kearsney 2-0 win
16B vs Kearsney 0-0 draw
16C vs Kearsney 1-0 win
16D vs Kearsney 4-2 win
16E vs Kearsney 1-4 loss
16F vs Kearsney 4-0 win

15A vs Kearsney 1-0 win
15B vs Kearsney 1-1 win
15C vs Kearsney 2-0 win
15D vs Kearsney 1-2 loss
15E vs Kearsney 2-0 win
15F vs Kearsney 4-0 win

14A vs Kearsney 2-4 loss
14B vs Kearsney 2-2 draw
14C vs Kearsney did not play
14D vs Kearsney 0 – 2 loss
14E vs Kearsney 3-0 win
14F vs Kearsney 6-2 win
14G vs Kearsney 1 – 0 win