SOCCER1Westville’s 16 game unbeaten run came to an end last Saturday when they played DHS. With 5 of their senior players still missing through injury, it was always going to be a hard ask for the team to find their proper rhythm in what promised to be a very tough and highly competitive fixture.

Westville had the better of the first half with Simiso Buthelezi managing to penetrate the DHS defenses on a number of occasions but the Highway visitors failed to put the ball into the back of the net. Westville’s attacks on the DHS goal mouth began to lose their bite in the last 5minutes of the first half, something which the DHS coach must have taken careful note of.

The second half saw DHS come out with guns blazing and they were eventually rewarded for their efforts with a penalty after a defensive error by Westville. Soon after scoring from the penalty spot, DHS doubled their lead when another defensive lapse by the visitors from a set piece allowed the home team to score a relatively easy goal. This galvanized Westville into action, who then launched repeated attacks on the DHS goal mouth. Eventually, with 5 minutes to go they were rewarded through a brilliant strike by Mohamed Patel. The game then really opened up with Westville having a number of chances but failing to finish properly and also having several penalty claims turned down.

Ultimately it wasn’t enough and DHS ran out 2-1 winners on a great day for schoolboy soccer.

The full set of results are as follows:

Soccer vs DHS at DHS:

1stWBHS 1 1st DHS 2
2ndWBHS 3 2nd DHS 2
3rdWBHS 3 3rd DHS 0
4thWBHS 1 4th DHS 1

15b WBHS 115b DHS 1
15c WBHS 3 15c DHS 2
15d WBHS 1 15d DHS 4
15f WBHS 2 15f DHS 1

14a WBHS 2 14a DHS 1
14b WBHS 1 14b DHS 2
14c WBHS 2 14c DHS 3
14d WBHS 1 14d DHS 0
14e WBHS 2 14e DHS 2
Soccer vs various at Westville
5thWBHS 1 2nd Effingham 0
6thWBHS 5 2nd Kingsway 2
7thWBHS 4 7th Kearsney 0

16a WBHS 11 16a Effingham 0
16b WBHS 4 16a Kingsway 2
16c WBHS 7 16b Kingsway 1
16d WBHS 4 16a Ashton College 1
16f WBHS 3 16f Kearsney 0
15a WBHS 7 15a Effingham 0

14f WBHS 8 14f DHS 0
14g WBHS 1 14g DHS 2