The victorious U16 Hockey team - winners of the top School's National Hockey Tournament

The victorious U16 Hockey team – winners of the top School’s National Hockey Tournament

The top schools tournament started on the 12th December 2014. Westville Boys High School’s first game was against Pearson Boys .

The game was tightly contested with Westville pushing through and scoring both goals in the second half to win the first group game 2-0 . The goal scorers being Mbuso Mgobozi and Joshua Herd.

The next day was a crucial game for Westville as they were playing Grey Bloem and both teams had won their opening games.

The game was very tense and the team  found it hard to settle down and get accurate passes through to each other. Eventually Westville upped the pace and stepped  up a gear, managing to score the opening two goals.  Grey did not give up and managed to make the score 2-1. In the  final minutes Lethu Thomo scored from a short corner to make the score a well deserved  3-1 .The goal scorers where Matthew Davies, Lethu Thomo and Keegan Gibbon.

On Day 3 WBHS needed to win against Secunda in order to finish top of their  group.  The boys put on an excellent show scoring 5 goals in the first half and played  quality hockey which was enjoyed by the spectators. The second half didn’t quite go the same way as the boys didn’t keep it simple and tried to impress the crowd. They only managed to score 1 more goal in the second half. The goal scorers for the game where Mbuso Mgobozi 2, Matthew Davies 1, Ryan Allen 1, Keegan Gibbon 1 and Joshua Herd 1.

Day 4 found Westville playing Potch Gymnasium in the semi finals. This proved to be a very tight game with Potch looking to catch Westville on the counter attack the whole game,  but WBHS managed to score first in the game and led the game for 75%  of the time. In the closing stages Potch scored through  a well worked short corner .  The final few minutes were tough as both sides had their chances but the game ended in a draw . In the ensuing penalty shoot out Westville  ended up winning 4-3.

Day 5 was a really tough game with WBHS taking on Jeppe with both sides very well matched . Jeppe scored the first goal and managed to hold the lead into the first half and almost the whole game. Westville fought hard throughout  the game putting lots of pressure on Jeppe and got a short corner as the buzzer went. Westville then managed to score the short corner through captain Matthew Davies. This again led to a penalty shoot out which Westville won  4-2.

The player of the tournament was Westville’s  Lethu Thomo who was outstanding in every game and deserved it.



Day 1 Westville 2-0 Against Pearson

Day 2 Westville 3-1 Grey Bloem

Day 3 Westville 6-0 Secunda

Day 4 Westville 1-1 Potch Gimnasium (4-3)

Day 5 Westville 1-1 Jeppe (4-2)