The 2013 swimming season for the Boys’ High Schools kicked off at Glenwood with 4 participating schools giving all their swimmers in the A and B teams an outing.

Westville Boys’ High School’s swimmers, for the sixth year in a row, showed that they have too much fire power for the other schools. The U16, U17 and U19 age groups reigned supreme with the U19 swimmers looking particularly lethal.  Several  of the swimmers from this age group are sure to make their mark on the international scene in the near future.

Westville’s U15 swimmers did not have things their own way and had to fight hard to win all their races.

At the U 14A level, Glenwood dominated proceedings in four of the five races with Westville only winning the butterfly event.   Kearsney U 14A  also made a strong showing finishing second to Glenwood in the Backstroke and Breaststroke.

WBHS still has tremendous swimming  depth as was very evident in the way their B team swimmers left the other schools in their wake.



1) WBHS – 98

2) Kearsney – 66

3) Glenwood – 65

4) Northwood – 33



1) WBHS – 103

2) Glenwood – 67

3) Kearsney – 47

4) Northwood – 42