Congratulations to our Senior Debating Team winners: Nicholas Herd, Sasasa Dlamini and Reagan Naidoo

Congratulations to our Senior Debating Team winners: Nicholas Herd, Sasasa Dlamini and Reagan Naidoo

Westville Boys’ High School took home the trophy for the Senior Division of the Durban Coastal Debating League in August – the first time that WBHS has won this title!

Well done to Grade 11 pupils, Nicholas Herd, Sasasa Dlamini and Reagan Naidoo for their excellent presentations, hard work and commitment to Debating at WBHS.  Nicholas and Sasasa have been chosen to represent the KZN Debating Team.

The following report has been submitted by Sasasa Dlamini: Senior Debating Team

The Debating season has been a tumultuous one. From the beginning, we were faced by the fear of being in the Senior Division and opposing Matrics and other experienced speakers, whilst only being in Grade 11. We decided as a team not to let that matter and rather focus on being as efficient as possible during preparation time, being informed and well-versed on the issue and trusting each other.

We started off the season well, winning our first few debates and gaining confidence. Even a surprise loss to Durban Girls’ College managed to bring us closer and keep us focussed on the path. We reached the Quarter Finals with 6 wins and one loss. The entire Senior Team was selected to go to the Provincial Championships, along with two Juniors, Luke Milroy and Reggie Davidson, a first for Westville Debating.

In the quarter finals, we argued with one speaker short (missing Nicholas Herd) and managed to overcome a strong St Mary’s team, despite having a two-versus-three situation. We regained our teammate in time in time for a tough semi-final against Durban High School. With one step left to the biggest stage in Durban Debating, we gave it our all and our efforts bore fruit, as we advanced to the final.

The final was against a tough and entertaining Clifton team and the topic area was “Heritage.” For this debate, we were given questions to answer beforehand and then an hour to prepare after our exact motion was given. It was a tough and heated debate, with Clifton showing that they wanted to win and giving us a difficult case to attack. We managed to remain on top form and in the end, it was our speaking, strategy and preparation that superseded Clifton and we were awarded the debate!

We claimed the title DCDL Senior Winners 2015, a title that Westville has never won. It was a year of many firsts and we look forward to the year to come.