Hockey Vs DHS

1st 0-2 Loss

2nd 1-3 Loss

3rd 2-0 Win


16A 1-2 Loss

16B 0-2 Loss

16C 4-1 Win

16D 1-0 Win

16E 3-0 Win


14A 0-1 Loss

14B 1-1 Draw

14C 1-2 Loss

14D 1-0 Win


Played 12

Won 5

Drew 1

Lost 6

Rugby results Vs DHS

1st 20-24 Loss

2nd 10-40 Loss

3rd 10-17 Loss

4th 10-7 Win

5th 31-7 Win

6th 0-26 Loss


16A 26-24 Win

16B 10-17 Loss

16C 17-7 Win

16D 12-17 Loss


15A 10-15 Loss

15B 5-17 Loss

15C 10-14 Loss

15D 0-36 Loss


14A 10-40 Loss

14B 0-7 Loss

14C 42-0 Win

14D 27-5 Win

14E 35-20 Win


Played: 19

Won: 7

Lost: 12

In what was a battle of two very good teams, Westville lost narrowly 24-20. DHS pulled away in the second half before Westville fought back at the death to set up a nervy last play at the kickoff. Westville knocked on and the day belonged to the Horseflies.

The game began very well for Westville as they got an early penalty to go 3-0 up. DHS responded to make it 3 all. Both teams were defending well to nullify one another. Westville were next to add to the scoreboard as sustained pressure on the DHS team resulted in a knock on from one of the DHS backs. Westville centre’s Likhona Finca picked the ball up and dived over the line. The conversion was missed to take the score to 8-3. The first half would continue with Westville making a lot of the play but DHS keeping the Griffins at bay with very disciplined and organized defence. DHS would eventually get back on the board shortly before halftime after a strong maul by the big forwards set up their silky backs to score in the corner. The try was converted and DHS went into the half 10-8 up.

The second half started well for Westville as they pulled off a clever lineout play to send hooker Ross Calvert over for a try in the corner. Again Westville failed to convert the kick. Westville were now up 13-10. Westville will really rue some defensive lapses which cost them dearly in the second half. The first was missed tackles on DHS Tight head prop Simphiwe Ngobese who featured strongly throughout the game. He broke a few tackles and ran half the length of the field before releasing to one of his backs to dot down. The try was converted. Shortly after another lapse in concentration resulted in Westville allowing the ball to bounce off an up and under kick. It was gathered by the DHS winger who raced away to the tryline. Another try for DHS to send the score to 24-13.

Westville would hustle and bustle attempting to hurt and penetrate through the DHS defense but DHS stood firm until with a few minutes to play Westville broke from deep and after a few strong carries, Daniel Mayo the Westville lock went over the line. A quick drop kick was taken and converted. The ref signalled that the kickoff would be the last play of the day. Sadly Westville dealt very poorly with the kickoff by allowing the ball to bounce. It resulted in a knock on and that was that. The ref blew the whistle to end the day.

Westville accounted themselves very well but will rue a ten minute period where they made costly errors and gave rather soft points to DHS. In other games the u16A team will be very proud of their 26-24 win. The 15A fought valiantly but went down 10-15. The DHS u14A team are a strong and incredibly assembled group of boys and they defeated our u14A’s 40-10. All in all 19 games were played between the 2 schools. 7 were won by Westville and 12 by DHS.

Looking forward to next week, Westville will be excited to host Kearsney in what will be Westville’s first home game of the season. Finally we get to play in front of our home crowd.


18     W  12   L 6


Westville 14A         2-0      Westville 14B                                     W

Westville`14 A        2-0      George Campbell14A                   W

Westville 14A         2-0      New Forest 14A                               W

Westville 14C         2-0      Westville 14D                                    W

Westville 14B          2-0      New Forest 1B                                 W

New Forest 14A     2-0      Westville 14C                                    L

Westville 14B          2-0       Hillary 14A                                         W

Hillary14 A              2-0       Westville 14D                                    L



Westville 15A         2-0      New Forest 15A                                W

Westville 15C          2-1      Highway College 15A                    W

Star College 15A    2-0      Westville 15D                                       L


Westville 16A          2-0      New Forest 16A                               W

Northwood 16B      2-0      Westville 16C                                    L

New Forest 16A      2-0      Westville 16C                                    L

Northwood 16A       2-0     Westville 16B                                     L


Westville 1st              2-0      Highway College 1st         W

Westville 1st              2-0      Port Shepstone 1st             W

Westville 3rd              2-1      Highway College 1st        W