Transformation at Westville Boys' High School


As an educational institution in South Africa, Westville Boys’ High School has made many changes in the past two decades, in particular the need to be a transforming institution that remains relevant in our changing society.

Over the past two and a half years there has been an intentional transformation conversation that has taken place which has engaged the School Governing Body, staff, learners, the WBHS Foundation and Old Boys.  In response to the issues raised in this process, WBHS has compiled a Statement of Intent which seeks to acknowledge the shortfalls of the past, and commit towards establishing a WBHS into the future that is inclusive and where all participants feel that they belong.

The correct order to engage with these resources would be to view the context video, timeline and
Statement of Intent.

1. Click here to view the context video

2. Click here to view the Timeline

3. Click here to view the Statement of Intent

For anyone who would like to communicate further on this, please feel free to send an email to [email protected]




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